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Today I have received my shirt and I am very happy with the quality and fit. And I immediately ordered two more shirts. To get the size perfect (again)
Again thanks again for your great service and product. I am definitely telling my friends and colleagues about you!
S.K (Netherlands)  Netherlands

I have ordered 1 shirt to get acquainted with the quality of your shirts. I was quite pleased, Kind regards, Hanno

H.K (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear Sir/Madam, You have won yourself everlasting customer loyalty. With kind regards, Willem Lijmbach.

Willem L. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

This one was made with the good measurements so it fits (and very nicely to :-)

Ramon de B. (Netherlands)  Netherlands
Thank you for your email. Apparently, not only is your business model unique, but also your service is great. 
Many thanks. 
L.P (Netherlands)  Netherlands
I’ve received my order today. It fits great! Thank you for contacting me. The pant’s length is perfect now.I will recommend you at my friends.
Husnu T. (Netherlands)  Netherlands
Today I received your shipment. First off, I am very happy with the quality and looks of the bespoke shirt I have ordered. Especially given the price. Also thank you for the great communication.
I am happy with the general quality of the shirt and your service in general I am considering a second purchase. 
P.K (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Hello,I got the shirt today received in good order and am very satisfied with the quality. Thanks for your effort. 

P.V (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Excellent! thank you again for this great service!

You now have a returning buyer!
P.V.B (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear, I received my shoes custom. Last week They are super, good quality and fit perfectly.

L.L. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

I'm happy to tell you that we have received the pants. Is it correct that every piece of the ordered 

Kelly J. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

The vest looks looks nice, just like the pants.

Eduard Ingen H. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Hello, Thank you very much for the good service. J.V.H.

Joris V H. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Thank you for the great service, as usual!

A.K. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

The shirt has arrived today. It took a while, but I am happy to receive it.

The quality of the fabric is very good and the measurements are perfect as always :-)

Rudolf de V. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear iTailor Team, I received my shirt that I ordered in good condition this morning. Thank you for the good service.

P.M (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Today I have received the jeans and they fit well! I am really glad with them and wear them with proud!
Thanks again for the beautiful clothes and possibilities!

Rene S. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Thank you for you e-mail. I recieved the jeans today! Thank you

P.V. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear customer service of iTailor, Just recently I have placed an order which I am very enthusiastic about. I love your website and the possibilities. I have been looking for a collarless shirt for ages and finally I was able to design my own. I am very excited!

R.N.W (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Good morning,
I have now received all my orders, thank you very much. And, as before, I'm very happy with the quality.
Best regards,
Rik L.

Willem Frederik L. (Netherlands)  Netherlands


With the new measurements, the shirt fits perfectly! I'm going to
order some more shirts soon.



Jeroen M. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear Sir/Madam,

Looking forward to recieving it and thanks for the good service!

kind regards,

Rob v

Rob van den B. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Just received my 3rd tailormade shirt by ITailor. Comment in one word? PERFECT!

Jon P. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear iTailor Team,

I want to thank you for your great service. My suite fits great and is exactly what I hoped for!
I also want to thank you the quick delivery.
I will certainly reccomend you to friends.

Yours Sincerely,

Eddie L

Eddie L. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Again a nice comment about my concerns about your product. 

I'm experiencing the products and will eventually re-consider something to order. So thanks for your suggestion! 
Dick van der Stow
Dick van der S. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear Sir,

Thank You for your reply. I am glad that you have customer support as one of your priorities.
This means a lot to me and has built my confidence in your beautiful business.
Thank You,
Gerard D.
Gerrit Jan D. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear Sir / Madam,

Last week we have our first order, a men's shirt, received.
It looked nice and neat, thank you!
E. van der H. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Just the item has been returned to me! Thank you!
I am thrilled and delighted. My expectations were exceeded.
Therefore, I will give up soon again an order with you.
I wish you have a pleasant day.
Sincerely yours
Fred Klein
E. van der H. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear Sir/Madam,

The package arrived yesterday! I am really happy with your service and want to thank you a lot for all your effort!
I will certainly order again in the future.
Kind regards,
Daan Cruijff
Daan C. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear ITailor,

Today i received my second shirt. Thanks for the service. as happy with this one as with all the others!
Eric Brouwer
Eric B. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear sir,

My shirt has just been delivered. Thank you for your excellent service. 
Kind regards,
Kenny van D.(a loyal customer)
Kenny van D. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear all,
I want to compliment you on the quality of the shirt.
The transition from computer to shirt is done very well.
Good luck and thanks for doing a great job!

Jorrit V. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear Management,

Thanks for your excellent service 
Fam. Van N
Bob van N. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Thank you very much for coming back to me so soon.

I am 211cm tall so as you can imagine my sizes are anything but normal, which is the reason why I love iTailor so much. ;)
I will proceed ordering,
thank you very much!
Brian de H. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

perfect! many many thanks!

I have already told many friends about your excellent customer service, and we all awaiting the final result now :)
Tim H. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

dear madam/sir,

many thanks for your very fast reply, I am already impressed so much..
excellent website and excellent customer service :)
Tim H. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

We hebben het overhemd voor mijn man ontvangen. Echt helemaal geweldig! Onze dank hiervoor. Mvg, Ingrid van der Vlugt

Ingrid van der V. (Netherlands)  Netherlands


 Groetjes Nelleke Pacak-Nijborg 
We thank you for the good and fast service.
Tomasz P. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Thank you for your help. I recieved the trousers.

Could you send the invoices of the jackets, who were send this week. 
Thank you for all the good service.
Yours Sincerly,
Vincent C
Vincent C. (Netherlands)  Netherlands


 The shirt fits perfect and a delivery within 4 weeks. Great. Thanks a lot
Gerrit R
Gerrit R. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Thank you for your fast responce and I must say "great service"

Richard Van Der H. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Thank you for your response. This morning I received my package.

thank you  very much!
Mr. Hartensveld
Michel H. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Thank you for your very quick reply.

I have just put in a new order for a black shirt, with a nice orange
twist, (1 Shirt(s)
Objectnr. No.202614)
I look forward to the next shipment and the sample dispatches
particularly, Like I'v said: especially classic colours en patterns, like
straigt colour, herringbone and (baby) pin dots etc. have my interest.
Kind regards,
Erik B. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Everithing is allright now, thanks for everything.

Terrific service……….
Thanks again.
Best regards,
Tommy M. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

I am very pleased by your products and will certainly be ordering more of them in the future - as will some of my friends to whom I have recommended your website.

Thanks again,
Kind regards,
Koen Knaapen
Koen K. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear Sir,

Today we received the grey pants in good order!
Thank you very much for your great service, I really appreciate it!
Kind regards,
S. Bierhoff
Suzanne D. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear Sir / Madam,

Please pass on my sincerest compliments and gratitude to the service staff, the tailors and the management, for is providing an excellent service. I am recommending your site to all of my friends. As an example of how good the quality of your shirts is, just the other day I received a compliment from a random stranger about my shirt. Should I ever find myself in Thailand (which, unfortunately, will not be anytime soon, since I am now studying Industrial Engineering in the Netherlands), I would love to take a look at your factory and talk about your business.
Again, compliments and regards,
Steven de L.
Steven de L. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Hallo iTailor Team,

I have promised that i will send you a message when i haven received the shirts, well it is happened.
I haven received all the shirts in a perfect condition and the are wonderful, all the the members are very pleased with them.
So i will thank you for your kindness and your patience to make such a beautiful thing.
With  the greet off all the members and me of course,
Huib H.
Huib H. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Hello iTailor, I received my \'own\' designed shirt today. And I\'m very happy with the quality and workmanship. My father and my brother are both very excited too and they asked me to make 1 for them aswell. 

Levi van der B. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Good afternoon

Today I received in good order my tailor-made shirt. THANKS for this good service!!
Monique A (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you very much for your answer. Opposing child labour and taking care for good conditions for the employees are important issues for me as customer, so I’m glad to hear this from you!
Yours sincerely,
Robert H.
Robert H. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Thank you very much  for the unexpected surprise, a 15% disocunt. I will certainly make use of it before the end of the month.

I will tcertainly recommend your company to my colleagues.
Yours sincerely, Tonnie S.
Tonnie S. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Mijn shirt heb ik binnen de 3 weken ontvangen en ik ben zeer tevreden. Wat betreft prijs-kwaliteit verhouding is dit top. groet, Johan (Netherlands)

Johan D (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear Itailor,

My husband ordered a custom made suit with you, and he is very satisfied.

Jacinta R. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Hi, I just received my second shirt. I received it again after 3 weeks

and the quality is great! Thanks ! It is almost perfect only a bit to
tight at my fore and uper arm. The space around my wrist is perfect.
Is it possible to adjust this for my next order? Regards, Dennis B.
Dennis B. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

really, exellent work.

You will be hearing of me again, soon. ....and of some of my friends as well.
Bert G. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear iTailor,

Although I had some bad luck with the first shipping (never received it) and I had to wait for a couple of weeks before a new shirt was send, Yesterday I finally received my first shirt!!!
It looks good and it fits great. This weekend I will order more shirts.
Thank you for the good service (I understand that it is at of your circle of influence after you send the shirt).
Best regards,
Leander V.
Leander V. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

I received my jeans, and they fit perfectly. thank you very much. With certainty I will order more pants / jeans is the future!!

Pim O. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear Madam/Sir,

Herewith I would like to confirm that I have received my ordered shirt and am very happy about the quality.
I also much appreciate the service that you offered to compensate the failing mail delivery by remaking the shirt.
Henk B.
Henk B. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear iTailor Team,

I just received the jacket, so all is fine.
The suit fits nicely, so I am very happy.
Thanks for your service and I will recommend your company.
Kind regards,
Max J.
Max J. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

I was very excited getting my second –finetuned- shirt yesterday and you did it; you solved most of the problems that others have not been able to solve in the last 18years, bravo!

Pieter V. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear iTailor team,

Yesterday i received the jacket,
I am very pleased how the jacket fits me.
You can count on future orders from me.
Kind regards,
Frank T.
Frank T. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Just received IT263833-2. Excellent piece! Thanks a lot!

Rory V. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Hello team Itailor.

I just got my order yesterday. It is just great.
Thank you all for the good service.
If i need another shirt i'me ordering it by you.
Again thank you for the great service.
Olaf B. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

I received my shirt, much faster than expected. A very nice material, nice finish and a perfect fit. Super shirt. 'll certainly return to your site.

Thank you. 

Greetings Y. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Geachte heer/mevrouw,

Dank voor uw bezorging. Ik ben erg tevreden over het product dat ik heb aangeschaft en zal in de toekomst vaker gebruik maken van uw service!
Echter, in mijn beleving had ik ook een stropdas besteld. Deze heb ik niet ontvangen.
Kunt u mij laten weten of dit correct is?
Met vriendelijke groet,
D. van
D. van (Netherlands)  Netherlands

dear sir,mrs,

i recieved my shirt friday 23rd already!
It fits perfectly!
My next shirt will be one of yours!
Kind regards, erik h.
Erik H. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Thank you for your excellent service and quick respons! 

But today the last blouse arrived, it came two days later.
So i am very happy, and the quality is perfect, i sure tell about your website around and about the great service and quality!
I sure know that i come back to order again!
Thank you so much!!!!!!
Febe Van W. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

The shirt has arrived, it's what I expected, it is beautiful and carefully made irresistible. I am grateful.

My daughter will find the chic, what do I want more.
Soon I will order a costume.
Dirk de V. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Good day! Last week I received the shity I ordered . I just want to say that I am very pleased with the great job you people did! The shirt is even better than I had been hoping for! I will recommend iTailor to others out here.

Thanks! Kind regards

Pieter A. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Hi, Just received my first order. Perfect fit, nice quality, very good fabric... Keep up the good work,


Johann (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear Sir / Madam, About six weeks ago, I've ordered a shirt. I'm very happy with it, and I wanted to recommend this site to family and friends to order their shirts at this site instead of ordering in a shop. 

René (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Thanks you very much! And, thank you for the beautiful shirts!!

Thank you very much for all your effort. And again thank you for the nice shirts! I have recommended you to several friends and they all ordered all-ready shirts! I hope your service will continue. Thank you.

Pieter (Netherlands)  Netherlands
Hallo iTailor Team,
I already received my shirt and it looks really good !!
Thanks a lot for the great service.
I already told my friends and we will definitely order more in the future.
Thanks again.
Kind regards,
Francois (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear Sir, Madam, I want to thank all employees of Itailor. For the shirts I have to make in your business. Matter of good quality and solid finish. I will in future make more use of your company. Furthermore, many responses I get my shirts made ​​especially for the monogram on the shirt. I recommend to all friends to use Itailor.


Leo Goo.

Leo G. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear mr. / mrs.

I would like to thank you for the super fast delivery of my shirt and tie.
It fits perfect and the quality is very good.
Thanks and keep up the good work.
Kind regards,
Hans S. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Bedankt voor het leveren van een geweldige bloes voor de bruiloft van mijn zwager prachtig op maat en binnen 3 weken thuis . Allen jammer dat je bij jullie nog niet met ideal kan betalen. Maar ga vooral door , en ik zal andere zeker adviseren een bezoekje aan jullie site te brengen en te bestellen . IK vind dat je ontzettend veel waren voor je geld krijgt.

"Thank you for delivering a great blouse for the wedding of my wonderful brother in law and custom home within three weeks. All bad you are not ideal for you to pay. But above all go through, and I will definitely recommend others to visit your site and bring order. I think you had a lot for your money."

Andre N. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Geachte heer/mevrouw,   Bij deze wilde ik graag even melden dat het shirt dit maal in zeer goede staat ontvangen is. Ik vind dat het door jullie goed en snel is afgehandeld, het shirt was dit keer in no time binnen. Verder is het shirt van een goede stevige stof en hij past perfect! echt super. Itailor zal ik zeker vaker gaan gebruiken.  

met vriendelijke groet, 

Barry B. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Mijn overhemd kwam net binnen. En inderdaad alles wat jullie beloven op de website is waar. Ik kon het me bijna niet voorstellen; custom made, goede stof, alles klopt en dat voor die prijs! Een super service waar ik veel gebruik van ga maken. Bedankt! 


Pim (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Last order received only three weeks after ordening. Very pleased with this service. Also very content with the product. I am sure this will lead to further future orders, not only by myself but also by my friends and family.

Jack W. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

I bought 2 shirts and I really like them. I am thinking of selling this nice product in The Netherlands. How does it work?  

Kind regards,

Freek V. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Bedankt voor het perfeckt passend en mooi shirt ben er erg content mee met vriendelijje groet.

(Thanks for the nice shirt perfeckt appropriate and

am very content with it vriendelijje greeting....)

Hensen J. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

I just received my order. The shirt is great, so I'll be ordering some new ones. Thanks for the service!

Kenny V. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dit is een hele leuke site voor zelf overhemden voor Ad.
Leuk joh! zelf samenstellen en niet te duur, en ook op maat werk.
Erg tevreden, en niet te duur.

liefs A. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear sir, madam, I was thrilled with excitement when I stumbled upon your website today. I consider your services a truly groundbreaking idea, that has definitely caught my attention.

Ivar M. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Hello, Today my shirt arrived, and I will thank you for the good looking of it, and the nice fabric! Thank you very much!! My next shirt will be an Itailor shirt!!! Greetings, 

Lex (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Just a short email to let you know how pleased I am with the third iTailor-shirt I received today. I gave it a light pressing and immediately started to wear it. I look forward to welcoming number four, I hope it will arrive here shortly. You are a blessing to guys with strange sizes like me (thin neck and long arms) who are unable to find fitting shirts off-the-rack. 

Frits (Netherlands)  Netherlands


I have received the shirt!

It is right on time for the wedding. 

Big thanks for your help!


Alex N. (Netherlands)  Netherlands

Dear iTailor Team,
Thanks again for the response. I really appreciate your efforts to solve this. The way you have handled this,  if for me also a very positive experience.
Well done. I will tell my friends about you!

John v. (Netherlands)  Netherlands